How do I fix someone else's problem?

    • How do I fix someone else's problem?

      So I have a friend, a very special friend actually. Just last night, she came to my place sobbing. She was in full pain; I can really see it. She told me something about her affair to a guy I didn’t even know. And the problem is she has a boyfriend, they’ve been together for 4 years now since that new year’s party dating service. She wants me help her amend everything, that I am the only who understands her. But I’m not really sure about this. First, I can’t stand on the fact that she’s cheating on her bf. Secondly, she wants me to talk to her bf and end everything between them. It’s not that easy! What should I do? How do I fix someone else's problem?
    • Be honest with her and tell her you can't do what she wants you to do. You can be there for her but she has to make the first move on helping herself. You'll only be there to support whatever decisions she makes. But also guide her and give her the possible outcomes to her actions. Nothing good will happen to those who cheat.