What is your opinion?

    • What is your opinion?

      My friend, who took admission at UBC is interested in taking a hostel accommodation in Vancouver. But I recommended him to share a hostel. I don't know why he is not interested in doing that. The only reason he points is that it is difficult for him to stay with an unknown person. At that time, I was only thinking about the money and facility. But after his words, I also thought about the possibilities. Yes, it is very difficult to live with a person who we haven't seen in our life. But why should we bother about that? We are there to study and we will be engaged in our works. So if our partner is a nice person, we can talk to him. If not just leave the matter. It is that much simple. What is your opinion regarding this?
      Our student life will be more colorful if we get a nice hostel partner. Meanwhile, we will get good accommodation at cheap rates. Does anyone had experiences in sharing accommodations?