love advice from an international dating blog

    • love advice from an international dating blog

      Break-ups are really hard to deal with. That’s what I learned from the past two months when I had to go through it. My girlfriend and I broke up and it took toll on me a lot. We just talked a week ago and it was quite great. We both admitted that we were still in love and we both gave each other an inkling that we want to get together. While the idea is lovely, I’m still holding back from making such big decision. I’ve read in an international dating blog that sometimes when we meet our exes, we would have this big urge to just get back with them but we shouldn’t just give in to the feeling. I’m not really sure what to do now. Can I get some advice?
    • Moving on takes time. I knew that. I have helped a few friends move on. Alcohol, tinder, and some other things I can’t talk about, have played a significant part in the process. But I never knew when it came to me, things would be different. And I am not really writing this as a moving on motivation for people around me. I am writing this because I feel there are some things about a breakup that we never really address.
      Most of you would think it’s about the loss of that special someone you could snuggle u. The loss of time. Time that you spent caring, committing, and dreaming with that one person you thought was your world. Time.Breaking up and moving on, invariably leaves you with some skeletons in your closet. Don’t keep them there. You can use that space for something else. Address your feelings. Deal with them.