My uncle's wife has cancer.

    • My uncle's wife has cancer.

      My uncle’s wife just found out that she has stage 1 breast cancer. The whole family is devastated considering the fact that we have never really had anyone in our family encounter cancer. I feel horrible especially because I’ve always thought bad about her since my uncle met her through an international dating blog site. So now, I’m trying my best to change my views and be kinder to her because I know cancer is not a joke. I want to help in any way I can. Perhaps, some of you might have some suggestions and advice as to how to make cancer patients feel physically and emotionally better. I would love to hear any of it.
    • Sad to hear this. I hope your uncles DW is well now and survived from such a killing disease. I remembered last year my aunt had also faced similar disease, but at that time my uncle's financial condition was not so good to run up the cost of operation. So one day his neighbor suggested him to take a medical plan from the assisted living NJ medicaid who helps to get the patient live happily even after the operation.
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