If you had an opportunity, would you start your own business?

    • Yeah, I want to have my own company someday too, probably smth connectec with food or technology, not sure exactly now :) But in my case it's a dream for a very distant future because starting your own business and moreover making it successful isn't an easy thing at all. You need really to find an interesting and competitive idea for it, have good knowledge about what you're planning to do and general business methods. Qualified work team, good management/control system for all processees, various tech innovations idapgroup.com/dedicated-team/ , finding your clients/customers and advertising are very important things too. And having a start capital is a necessary too. I know all these things from my father's example, he develops his company for many years so I understood a long time ago that it's not an easy thing at all. But anyway I hope that someday I will be able to do this too.
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