Got electric shock while using my laptop

    • Got electric shock while using my laptop

      Hi guys, I feel a little bit panic right now. Don't know why. Last week I had an electric shock from my laptop. I was playing an online game on the laptop while it was charging. Suddenly my laptop got stuck. When I touched the battery, I got an electric shock. I felt a little bit panic for few seconds. Usually, this never happens. There is no chance to have any electrical issues since we already had done an electrical inspection a few months ago. Next day, my mom got an electric shock while working in the kitchen. The reason behind the sudden electric shock was because of the power surge. Next day, we installed a power surge protector from Toronto with the help of my dad's friend who is an electrician. I have become more cautious right now. It's better if you avoid using laptops while charging. It's even dangerous when you do that. It's better if you install surge protection devices at home when there are more electrical devices at home.