What’s a foreign online store that sells good shoes?

    • What’s a foreign online store that sells good shoes?

      I’m on a budget and I need some affordable yet sturdy shoes. I’m looking for a foreign online store that can ship anywhere around the world. I was thinking of the well known brands like Nike or even Onitsuka Tiger but damn, they’re way too expensive for me. I know some stores online that sell pretty great class A to original shoes for a lower price such as Ebay or even Amazon. Anyone else have better suggestions?
    • Which country are you in? (So we'll know which stores are in your country and which ones aren't.) :)

      I would also look for stores that are going out of business, closing down, etc.
      It's hard to buy shoes online, sometimes, because we almost have to try them on to make sure they fit properly. It's not like a T-shirt that we can wear even if it's considered a reject or an "irregular". Shoes almost have to fit our feet perfectly or else they can give us blisters, etc.
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