Sexual assault experience

    • Sexual assault experience

      Hello. This story happened 2 years ago but it still effects my relationships now. I’ve had two very serious sexual assault experiences that effect my life. This one I still think about. Anyways we will start off by saying this guy ( we’ll call him B) was a cute 6’4, beautiful smile, rode a motorcycle type guy. He was a senior and I was a sophomore the first time we met. The first time we met was the first time we talked and he seemed normal a few weeks later I followed him on Instagram. During the middle of July I turned 16 and that day was the day B messaged me. The messages started out simple and harmless, and I was so happy this tall cute guy was talking to me. He would ask me to send him selfies and I did. He built my confidence up with his comments about each picture. But I will admit I got a weird feeling talking to him. Like even though everything seemed fine I had this feeling in my stomach that something wasn’t right but I just ignored it. That same day I mentioned I was working out and he asked me to send him pictures. I was wearing a sports bra and some basketball shorts and didn’t think much of it, but I did feel bad about afterwards. That was like a ticket for him and since then he kept asking for more and more bra pics. I felt really uncomfortable and told him no but he kept asking, I would come up with any excuse not to send them because my no’s we not working. Eventually I sent him another bra pic and felt horrible about myself. I cried and told him I was going to bed. He didn’t care because he kept suggesting we have more “fun”. I regret still continuing to talk to him the next day. He asked me to send pics and I explained in a long message I felt really horrible about myself afterwards and he assured me it was okay, the pictures were private and nobody would see them. A few days later he begged me for more pictures and sent some. I never sent a picture without a bra because I thought if somebody else were too see them it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Anyways he kept asking for more and more pictures without a bra but I refused to do so. Eventually when school was starting up agian I made up some excuse to stop talking to him, like saying I didn’t want to date or something. He wasn’t happy about that and said he was cool just being friends with me but I didn’t believe him. I hadn’t told anybody because I was embarrassed and worried what people would think of me. He would constantly Snapchat me so I ended up blocking him on Snapchat and messaging. He would occasionally stop by the school for peprallys and those days were horrible. I would do everything to avoid him ever seeing me. My 17 birthday however he messaged me again on Instagram and instead of replying I blocked him. I forgot to mention while I tried getting rid of him before I blocked him he would constantly spam me with messages. I was super afraid to block him because he had inappropriate pictures of me and there was nothing I could do about it. Every time I walk out of my door alone I am worried I am gonna run into him. During school when he did see me, he would touch me inappropriately or get really close to me in crowds. I am 5’0 and he was 6’4 and built. I was most afraid of being raped whenever he would touch me. I feel if I ever reported it people wouldn’t believe me or he would post the pictures he had of me. The first person I have told is my current boyfriend. My boyfriend knows B and even considered him a friend at a time. If I ever see B in public I get really nervous and scared, now I just call my boyfriend and hide but I can’t live like that forever and I don’t know what to do.
    • If he was just asking for pictures from you, that's a definite sign from the start he wasn't even into you. This is from a guy perspective. I've never asked a girl for a picture unless we were in a serious relationship and that was more to stay in touch if we were away from each other. This guy constantly asking pictures from you and touching you when he saw you was a power stunt to boost his confidence.

      If he touched you at the school, you should've told the principle's office right away. But it may be too late since this occurred two years ago. When it comes to assault cases, they should be reported a few weeks after the occurrence at most. I still suggest talking to the school about this and at least getting a trauma counselor recommended to you. As for the photos, he can get in serious trouble if he posts them anywhere if you guys still go to school together. IT is your decision if you want to send raunchy photos, so I'm not going to tell you to stop that. But if I was a girl, I would never do that even for a boyfriend because I know there is this thing called the internet.

      You seem to have a case of self-shame, but you did nothing wrong or illegal here. The guy did. In life, you will only get what you want by raising your voice.