Should pedophilia be tolerated?

    • Should pedophilia be tolerated?

      This case has been rampant these days if you just take a look at around you. Is it not bothering you? It has been practiced by a lot of people nowadays which I find absurd. It should be rejected, not supported!
      A foreign friend of mine who’s almost 28 once had a relationship with a thirteen year-old girl. Now, a neighbor so close to me is having a relationship with a 12 year-old girl. REALLY? Can you even call that love?
    • What country do you live in? In the US, it's more prevalent and often goes unpunished in rural areas in the midwest. It's terrible. Last summer, I was in the Philippines and that's where many foreigners go to practice it because they are so poor and corrupt that you just pay the family some money to be with a child and if you're caught, you just have to bribe the police and then you're released. It's one of those crimes that often go unseen and because of that, the statistics are actually much worse than originally thought.