• Hello! My name is Alex, I am 13 years old, I live in Greece, i am Bi, and an atheist (yeah from age 13).

      I like calling myself a "gamer" because it's all I ever do :P .

      I do know some languages, my native, of course, Greek, English, German and French (Working on 'em) By the time I finisb High School I want to have learned Italian and Japanese, as well as finisb German and French.

      I found this magical place because I was not sure if I was gay, straight, or bi (I knoe its a bit early in my life for these stuff)

      Also I like swimming, Table tennis, and I'm learning Judo as well.

      I have a fantastic BFF, Natalie, and we knew eachother since we were babies.

      I also watch a lot of YouTube, mostly games like Cladh Royale, Overwatch and Minecraft. My davirite youtubers are Mumbo Jumbo, Grian, iskall85, Markiplier and TGN. Also I love documentary style channels like MinuteEarth, Life Noggin and ASAPscience.

      Also, I have a loving family (who don't know thay I'm bi or an atheist). I have a sister, 7 yrs older than me, a brother, 5 yrs older than me and two amazing parents.

      Woah, I analyzed my whole life and it's just a page, so sad tho...

      That's all for me though!

      (P.S. There will be about a trillion spelling mistakes because I wrote this at 2:00 A.M. with a phone...)