Sexual Asualt Experience

    • Sexual Asualt Experience

      Last year, (Freshmen year) I had a problem that went from bad to worse with an old friend of mine. Lets call him Zain. Zain sexually harassed me in front of my, peers and teacher. Zain was just one of the many immature kids at school who would make anything you say, sound dirty. Zain was known to be a pervert, and of course a trouble maker. He said so much nasty things to me over the past year I couldn't even keep count. One time in math, I asked to go to the bathroom to take off my shirt with a tank top. When I came back to class and sat down Zain says "What else are you gonna strip off for me?" This had been going on all year, and I got tired of putting up with it about four weeks before school ended. And when he said that I was so done. After school I asked my mom to come with me to talk to the principal. It was maybe the most embarrassing thing I had to do to repeat all the things Zain and the other boys said to me so he could write it down. Not to mention to the principal and in front of my mom. Lets say the principal was beyond upset, telling me it would stop, mentioning how he would feel if it was his daughter being sexually harassed. Zain was suspended for a week. While the other boys got ISD. It didn't stop there. When Zain came back to school he was beyond livid. All his friends knew about me getting him in trouble but not that he was a pervert. They would glare at me and try and start fights. Then my friend lets call him Matt, told me that Zain was planning on fighting me during Lunch A. I of course was told before hand to report anything else happening involving Zain, to the principal. Then I had to deal with knowing what to do to protect myself and being stressed out the whole week. Zain does still hate me. What makes me still mad is not only the pain, and embarrassment he put me through. Zain was still calling me horrible names when I choose not to try and get the police involved. He also wouldn't stop trying to cause drama. He also NEVER apologized.

      This is only one of the many sexual harassment experiences I have had to deal with, unlike this one those involved police reports.