Different Types Of Attraction

    • Different Types Of Attraction

      How can you attract women? Most of the men around us have some strategies that work well. But as you may already know, some techniques work better than others. So, which techniques should you use in a certain scenario? To better understand the strategies as well as how women react to them, let's discuss the three different types of attraction.

      Attraction Based on Social Value

      When a guy has cool things to show off to women, ladies may feel attracted to him because of social value. Before seduction even happens, the women have already tagged him as someone they can potentially hook up with. A loaded guy, as well as someone who can hold a conversation well, is attractive. These women imagine showing him off to their friends and being thought of as lucky to be dating a socially adept guy. Although many of the gurus of seduction emphasize this kind of attraction as one of the best ways to reel in women, sexual attraction does not automatically stem from this.

      Attraction Based on Feelings

      When a girl emotionally connects with a man, all the rest of the things that he can offer become superficial. Maybe you tickled her fancy, she thinks you're a joy to be around, or you're truly someone she can talk to for hours. Whatever you're doing, you're making her genuinely in love with you. Women often use their emotions to choose their partners, especially when it comes to who can be a potential lover.

      The thing about emotions is that they can prompt action. If you push the boundaries enough, the woman will take the next step with your easily. Emotional attraction is essential if your goal is to escalate the initial connection you had. This kind of attraction plays a crucial role when you're saying goodbye, asking her number or talking about going out sometime soon.

      But there's a downside to emotional attraction. It can be temporary. Emotions can make people do crazy things, so that they end up confused why they let themselves behave like that when the emotional high is over. Nevertheless, this kind of attraction can be very useful depending on your goals.

      Sexual Attraction

      The conscious mind is shushed by person herself when sexual attraction comes into play. In a sense, when a woman starts responding to her desires and refuses to listen to what her logical brain is telling her, the actions brought on by this type of attraction can be extremely important for you if your goal is to get a girlfriend.

      Sexual attraction is the one thing that you have to focus on when you're hooking up with women, even if you still need to employ the other types of attraction in your strategies. Sexual attraction is more lasting than the other types. The primitive instinct of copulation kicks in and the woman is drawn into you more powerfully. She does not need to think about her actions, she just acts instinctively.

      Because women often become coy and manipulative when they're thinking too much about what they're doing, sexual attraction plays a big role in your strategy to seduce a woman fast. Attract a girl sexually and she won't think about the loaded, handsome guy across the bar. Communicating with her on that purely sexual level is the key to hooking up.

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