Am I Pregnant? How soon should I test?

    • Am I Pregnant? How soon should I test?

      On the 14th me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he came in me. I was ovulating from the 13th-18th (according to a period tracking app I've been using for years). Im not supposed to get my period until the 1st. It's the 20th and I threw up two days ago, I've been sleeping a lot more, as well as peeing more frequently than usual. My boobs are sort of sore but its mostly just my nipples and they're usually kind of sensitive. Ive also been cramping but its not painful but it just feels like when I'm getting close to my period. Im thinking its way too soon to even feel any sort of symptoms and maybe Im just over thinking. My anxiety is really getting bad having to wait until the 1st so Im wondering when is the soonest dat I can take a test and still have it be accurate.