Christmas is fast approaching. Any ideas for gifts?

    • Christmas is fast approaching. Any ideas for gifts?

      Christmas is fast approaching and it’s been a tradition of our family to share the blessings we have received for the entire year. My father is the governor of our province and it’s his duty also to help those in need even if what he give is not too much. I also help him in giving presents to street kids and beggars, a value my father has taught and influenced us.

      During this season, we also receive gift items from a foreign friend who has established an orphanage for those who were abandoned by their parents. It’s just so amazing to see people smile even just for these little acts. As for me, the company I am managing right now is progressing, I think it’s time to give back. Any ideas for the gifts I should give?
    • I love to make gifts, I always have a lot of ideas to give to my loved ones. I don't always share the hobby of my family or friends (my father loves to hunt, my mother enjoys clay modeling, my friends just love snorkeling), I know a lot about their passions, but I don’t know much about the equipment for this. For example, a mother will be delighted with a certificate for a master class or a gift certificate to an art store. Dad has all the equipment he needs, so I read reviews on the Internet about optional but useful things in nature. My friends usually welcome new swimming slippers or cool snorkelling videos. I believe that it's important to know at least a little about the hobby of a person; don't try to give the first association. Shotgun, for example, or Malbert to artist. The exception is that the person told you exactly the company, model and characteristics. These are things that a person must choose for himself, he is better versed in this. Give the little things related to hobbies that can help a person. I love useless gifts, but my loved ones are already tired of them.