I saw dad's profile in a dating site. Should I tell mom?

    • I saw dad's profile in a dating site. Should I tell mom?

      Last Monday night while I was busy surfing the internet, I came across a dating site to search women by ID. At first, I paid no attention to its since it’s not that interesting, but what surprised me was my dad’s profile on it. I verified his picture over and over again until I concluded that it was really him! His profile even says that he’s single! Does this mean my dad is cheating on my mom? Should I tell mom? I need help!
    • It doesn't mean he is cheating but he could be. May be he is just having fun and putting some excitement in his life. Or may be he is cheating.

      If it were me, I hate my step dad so, I'd tell my mom. It wouldn't change any thing for me but I would still do it. If I really wanted to get him I'd go on some site like Plenty of Fish and get some MILF pics and make a profile on the site you saw him on and catfish his ass. I'd get lots of damning sexting msgs and dick pics then I'd set up a "date". I'd ask my mom out to dinner or coffee or whatever the date is and I'd show her all evidence when we wait for him to show up and BOOM! Gotcha fucker.

      Or collect all the evidence and blackmail him! LOL