How do I cope up from an ACL injury?

    • How do I cope up from an ACL injury?

      I’ve been playing volleyball for five years now. I started to love this sport after seeing my home country play in a foreign tournament, but I do hope I can still feel that urge to play after that incident I had a month ago. While we were having our training at school, I hit the ground really hard after attempting a kill block. The doctor diagnosed that I have an anterior cruciate ligament, otherwise known as an ACL injury. It was excruciating and I cried for weeks, knowing that I may not play ever again. Nonetheless, my heart is still fighting and I still want to compete and win the championship match with my team. Tell me, how do I cope with an ACL injury? How can I cope with it in a healthy manner?
    • I would ask the doctor who treated you. If he's not knowledgeable enough, I would seek out the advice of a sports doctor. Physiotherapists may have some recommendations, also.

      I would also search online as there are websites such as: that might be of benefit to you.

      The good news is, the injury doesn't seem to be permanent. So in time, hopefully you'll be "as good as new", you won't feel any more pain, and you'll be able to compete with your team-mates - if not this year, then hopefully next year. :)
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