• It's not stupid at all, just depends how you want to get fat. What you need to do first is to go to the doctor to make sure you don't have any medical issues. If this is just you, then get "fat"healthy. Full of protein diet, go to gym to build up healthy body mass. Avoid junk food, that won't get you fat, it will just puff you up and give you cellulite.
    • go on some websites for losing weight an stay with the plans they give you . It will not happen over night ,it will tack dome time,an time we have all the time to think, so be good to yourself an do it one day at a time,
      If you dont go for jogging or just a walk its going to be harder to lose weight or just cycle around your park, or have a girlfriend that has the same issues..
      1, website to losr wright.
      2 keep with the planes they give you.
      3 go for walks or a jogging for half hours or joine the YMCA club if you have a YMCA club.
      4.Don't be stressful on yourself just go slowly.
      5. It important to watch what you put in , not to much fat, stay away from fats as much as you can all the time..
      6. Wight yourself ones a mounths.
      7.keep a record of your gold ,most of all be good to yourself please.