Am I a shitty person?

    • Am I a shitty person?

      So, I am almost 20 this year and never actually been in a relationship... I couldn't figure out the reason until recently. I was complaining as usual about not having a boyfriend until a friend of mine pointed out that it was me that was rejecting everybody.

      So thinking it through I noticed that the only times I got to be interested in anybody they were a)not interested in me b) somebody a friend of mine had a interest in c) they were in a relationship d) a person with whom I couldn't be together because the age gap.

      If that doesn't seem awful enough then listen to this. As soon as the other party showed some interest I would lose mine. And even worse, I would actually either manipulate them into doing things for me or just keep them around for fun.

      The thing is that I was doing it unconsciously for all this time... I just recently realized what a mean person I was.

      But that's not all, you see, all the flirting I was doing was purely verbal. I completely reject any kind of physical approach, as if I was disgusted by it, and I've had this problem for a long time.

      So in summary, am I the only one feeling that way? Can anybody explain what is wrong with me?