Do you like writing essays?

    • Yes, I adore writing in general and essays for my studying too, I always liked reading and practicing with my own writing so this kind of work has never been a problem for me :) The hardest things for me were always writing about topics which seemed totally boring for me or were difficult in case of finding good information for them. And yeah, procrastination is my constant problem too but it usually fades when I finally start to write.
      In my opinion the most important things for writing a good essay are reading many good literature, building your vocabulary and regular practicing with your own writing. Also it's very good if you can choose a topic which is really interesting for you, find many resources with information about it and define clearly your main idea for the essay and its type because there are various approaches for writing certain types of them. Well-written essays from other people are very helpful as an example too, as also professional consultation about its improving/editing .
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