Boyfriend issue!!

    • Boyfriend issue!!

      Hey there,
      From the age of 17, I have been with my boyfriend cum lover. We got engaged a few years back. I was 26 and he was 30 at that time. We had gone through our ups and downs. I have caught him lying to me several times. Some reasons were really stupid and others were a bit important to me. However, I had found some or the other way to get on with him. But now I’m really concerned about his behavior.
      A few months back I accidentally came across a girl on his phone. When I asked about her, he told me that she was just a friend. But it was later when I came to know that it was not just friendship. It was something more happening between them. Everyone can make a mistake in their life but they should realize it and overcome at a point of time.
      I shared my issues with my mother and she suggested me this couple therapy clinic in Toronto. Can someone help me to know more about this clinic?
      I’m eagerly waiting for your replies.
      Thanks in advance.