How to ask out your gay friend when you're in the closet?

    • How to ask out your gay friend when you're in the closet?

      Hey everyone.. I'm pretty new here so I hope this is the right area. This is the first time I'm posting anything about me being gay so I'm kinda worried, I've hardly accepted myself yet to be gay since I've just come out to myself after like 3 years of hiding from myself

      Moving on, I'm a 15 year old high school sophomore boy who really can't emotionally come out to the public yet but I really have been crushing on this other boy that I've been friends with since the start of high school. He's the only (out) gay boy in our class and he's super cute. I think he knows I'm secretly gay, we've done a little bit of flirting for a total of like 2 minutes across the last year. Sadly this year we only have one class together, health/pe (the locker room is the worst but also the best thing ever all at the same time), but we always wait outside together for our separate rides (neither of us drive yet and we don't usually take the bus) with some of our mutual friends (I would tell him here, but I don't want to come out to all of my friends just yet even though I know they'd understand.. it's just kinda complicated since there's one girl who's always with us and she's really into me and I used to be into her until I really started feeling more gay than straight). So I guess what I'm asking is how should I tell him? At lunch there's an hour of empty time where you can go anywhere and do anything, but IDK how to separate him from the group.. another complication is that I've straight up told him that I'm not even close to gay being "100%" straight, so do you think he'll be mad about that??

      Sorry for this being so choppy, but there's just so much and it feels so good to get this out of my head. The only other thing I'm worried about is that he's pretty muscular and thin while I'm a bit more on the chubbier side... I don't think he cares, but yeah it's just one more complication lol.

      The only attempt I've made to tell him I'm gay without saying it is making a lot more eye contact and doing little smiles and looking away once he looks back. I think he's into me too because I've caught him looking too and he's always smiling around me (not like creepily but like cute smiling). Ugh! This is driving me crazy, I just need to tell him, I'm just so scared :( I would text him, but his parents do phone checks so that's a little too out for me..

      Wow. This really felt amazing to write, I've kept these feelings private for so long but getting it onto text for others to see is such a great feeling. It's the first time I've ever introduced myself as gay and it feels so good to do so, even though it's just in text..

      Any recommendations would be amazing,thank you!!!.