Is my friend gay and is he into me?

    • Is my friend gay and is he into me?

      Hello there all,
      Ok let me set the scene. I'm a teen guy and I've been best mates with another guy (let's call him Jack) since we were 11 or 12. I'm gay and I've always been into him, but I've never revealed this to him. Ive always presumed he was straight as hes had multiple gfs. Anyways, the other night me and jack were texting each other about meeting up and the conversation moved towards sexual stuff (more specifically masturbation) about ourselves. Jack is not a shy guy when it comes to this stuff (kinda unlike myself) so he seemed like he was enjoying the conversation. We then move onto d**k size. He asks me to get Snapchat, which I do, and basically after 10 more minutes of him sending me ever increasingly erotic pics of his bulging underwear, he asks me to send a d**k pic and we share d**k pics together for the first time in our lives. This lasts for about 20 mins of various pics from each of us. In the end however Jack needed to go so we called it a night. Now, however the next morning I snapped him (nothing inappropriate) but he said he was busy and we'd speak later. I then snapped him again before going to bed and afterwards, without reply he removed me as a friend on Snapchat. I texted him what was wrong. He replied that he didn't want what happened last night to be a thing and that the pics were only for comparing sizes. After a few more texts it seems like we're both mates again (thank god). However now I've got a million and one questions flying about my head- this is where I need some opinions. I presume he might have been drunk that night and therefore regretted the whole sexting thing in the morning. Do you guys think he is straight? Could he be into guys and is that why he seemed to be enjoying sharing pics with me? Was he drunk or was this a completely conscious and thought out thing? Do you think he's into me? But then why would he seem to regret it so much afterwards?
      Please help, I feel like I've let him down completely and that I've made him feel uncomfortable, and yet I feel guilty for still being attracted to him and actually completely disappointed for missing an opportunity.
      I have decided that next time we meet I want to tell him of my true sexuality (I've never told anyone else in my life yet), in the hope that it breaks the ice a bit.
      Hope i get some interesting viewpoints back abojt this situation. I'm counting on you guys!
    • well then. Sorry to tell you man, but basically if you come out to him there is one of two ways he will take it. 1) he will be totally chill. Or 2) he will be weirded out and you guys will be in the awkward zone for a while before moving to the friend zone again. Trust me, both have happened to me. With the same dude, in different points in our relationship. My big mouth is always honest with him, so I always say the awkward stuff, but you don't have to unless you want to. Regaurding your questions, he is most likely bi or scared to come out of the closet and was most likely drunk. Its 50/50 with him being into you, so I have no advice there, just wing it I guess, and best of luck!
      Addie! :P