Crush misunderstood and lost on what 2 do

    • Crush misunderstood and lost on what 2 do

      So I liked this girl and we used to flirt and talk all the time, but she kept talking about “this guy” and how great he was. Thinking she was with another person, this tore me apart and broke my heart, but I slowy gave up and tried to move on. She then told me that a guy had broken her heart and she decided not to date anyone. But a few days later I was talking to one of her friends and uncovered the fact that “this guy” had actually been me. How can I get her back? What should I do?
    • girls are complicated so i feel your pain. talk to her straight up and just be like "so I heard from your friends etc" "you should have told me because I thought this guy was someone else etc" also be prepared for some negatives from her like: "well i found someone else" "I'm still not dating anyone rn" "you should have known what I meant". oh and, I'm a girl and once upon a time a dude broke my heart and I was all "I'm NEVER going to date anyone rn. Im done with guys." I didn't really mean any of that I just wanted that guy to put it all together and ask me out (he did and suddenly I was dating people again. I think you get what I'm saying).

      I don't know if any of this helps but to refresh: give her a second to process her heartbreak, speak to her up front, always prepare for and responses to those ^ negatives.

      (Keep me updated [if you want to dm me]).
      1. look dude, as a girl, ima just say. If she was talking about you, and you "broke her heart" I mean, she still likes you, duh. Just talk to her and tell her you like her. Leave a note in her locker. A secret admirer letter, even. Just let her know you LIKE HER. I talked to my crush about my now ex all the time!! Us girls are kinda weird like that. It was basically, you had your chance, now with another guy even tho I still really like you, so boo. Eventually I told him everything, and even told him I loved him!! If he would have said he liked me, I would have dropped my boy just like that! Do you get my point at all? Either way, find some way to tell her that you like her, chances are, she will accept you because as I said, SHE STILL LIKES YOU. Contrary to what ashleyrose said though, don't mention the friend part until AFTER you ask her out. It will be much appreciated by her friend, trust me.
      Addie! :P