What it was like to fall in love with my best friend - PART TWO

    • What it was like to fall in love with my best friend - PART TWO

      This had ultimately been the best, and worst summers of my life. But I'm proud to say that it has made me into a better person. I had left school a few days prior to exams because I had to fly down to my cousins wedding. I stayed there for about a month, and missed the majority of my summer. I missed my friends dearly, but I also didn't want to leave the beautiful country. When I arrived back home, I was more than excited to see all of my lovely friends. We made so many plans to see each other, and filled out an entire summer bucket list to complete in less than a month. It had been just a couple days after I came home that Jake messaged me. It was about 3 am and I had received several calls, snapchats, and text messages asking him for advice on his relationship. I heard about it falling apart in my last week of being away, but frankly, I didn't care all that much. Anyways, I answered him as soon as I woke up and he explained many different things. I thought this was odd, considering the fact that him and I haven't talked in months, and especially not about things like this. But I was still there for him no matter what. He told me about how he felt. That he was in a relationship he didn't think he wanted to be in anymore, that it was too controlling, and the feelings he had when they first started to date were no longer there. After giving him honest advice, he said something to me that I will never forget.

      "Do you ever think about what it could be like if you and I ended up together?"

      I was shocked. I didn't know how to react, and I felt many emotions. He kept asking me about if I had ever thought about our past before, and truthfully, I said I had never stopped. It was strange, and I knew that I should have kept my mouth shut, but I couldn't resist. I felt like this way, I could somehow get my best friend back.
      But that wasn't the case.
      We talked for hours on end. And things between him and Maddy progressively got worse. I could say the same between all of our friendships. But I kept talking. I was happy, and so was he. My friends began to assume things way out of the blue, and that was when things got out of control. Maddy argued with him every time our group of friends would hangout like old times, and it was only because she wasn't a part of that, and I was there with him instead of her. Her obsession over Jake grew, and she became so reliant on him for happiness that it got out of hand. He was trapped. He couldn't find the right words to say to let her go. He fell for me. Which obviously, is what I had always wished. But not at a time like this. I fell in love with him. I knew it was wrong, especially since he still had a girlfriend, but I couldn't help myself. He kept insisting. And every time I tried to stop it, he would always find a way to make me stay. One night, I called him. To tell him. He couldn't say anything back because he too knew that what we were doing was wrong. I moved on though.
      I remember one night in specific, where I had asked my friend Mike to drive me somewhere, right after I texted Jake about not wanting to do this anymore, that he had to decide between her or me. He chose her because it was hard for him to let go of someone he had been with for almost a year. I understood, and knew that this was bound to happen, but I also felt a sense of relief. It was over, and everyone stopped assuming things were going on between us. Mike picked me up, and Jake texted me the words "We're here". I was surprised, and didn't know they were even together that night. But I went anyways. Luckily, things were not awkward, and this night turned out to be one of the best nights I've had in a long time. Maddy texted him though, after finding out that we were all together. She blamed him for coming along, and picking me up instead of her, although they both knew and said that it wouldn't have been as fun if she was there. I was a little honoured to hear this to be honest, but I felt bad at the same time. We sat in a parking lot for hours, listening to music, and talking about things we would never speak of again. I was happy.
      Unfortunately, the car broke down, and it was 2 am later, that Jake had to call his dad over to explain what had happened. We were saved, and they drove me home after several hours of being together. The same day, I had asked to hangout. Yet again. I had so much fun that I just never wanted the night to end. We didn't end up hanging out though because Maddy had invited herself over at the same time we were supposed to hangout. I wasn't mad and made other plans.
      After weeks of talking, yet again, we were back and stronger than before. I felt as if I had been in my own relationship, even though I knew how unbelievably wrong this had been. But I kept it going. Overtime, things between Maddy and Jake became well again, and that was when Jake and I stopped talking. I was moving on. Finally.