Rage. Just. Rage.

    • Rage. Just. Rage.

      So remember my previous thread??? Yeah he has been back since Christmas. SINCE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I WAS ONE OF THE FOUR FRIGGIN PEOPLE WHO TALKED TO HIM AND YET...! UNLESS HE IS LYING TO ME NOW, OF CORSE WHICH IS LIKELY SEEING AS HIS PREVIOUS BEHAVIOR!!! Why????? Can any guys EXPLAIN??? CAUSE I SURE CANT!!!!! Like seriously...! then he just goes on like NORMAL like nothing ever HAPPENED!! I deleted his contact info, due to my mom's suggestion and I will see if he comes CRAWLING BACK but if not then well, I've got a special finger reserved JUSSSST FOR HIM!!! GAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHRRRGG!!!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :fight:
      Addie! :P