Going on too long

    • Going on too long

      So I met a boy n my second year at college we talked on snapchat a lot and met up once , after meeting up he became distant for awhile , this was over the Christmas holidays but when i came back to college I ended up kissing his housemate on a night out (I didnt know till after). Anyway he was really mad which is understandable and he ended up getting a girlfriend not long after that (he never told me that but I knew threw friends he did) but kept trying to talk to me over snapchat but if he saw me in public he would run away and snap me the day after just to see if i was still talking to him. So after a year of this I got sick of putting up with him and told him to leave me alone.

      He managed to leave me alone for 5-6 months until he started trying to talk to me again just testing to see would I answer every few months until this week when he really tried to talk to me and this is two years since we met.

      So ya I know im an idiot for tolerating and putting up with his annoyance! but has anyone any idea what he wants or should I just leave him alone