What do you girls think I should do? Helppp!

    • What do you girls think I should do? Helppp!

      Ok, my sister is 18. We get along ok, but disagree on a lot of stuff. Anyway, last night she was upstairs and we were standing facing each other in the doorway and she goes, 'Hmm, little bro, I'm taller than you." I'm like, "NO Sheryl, you're not!" She's all yeah I am, look, 5'7, see?" And she measures across with her ahnd from the top of her head to mine. I told her she was full of it. I'd always sworn that when we're face to face, I'm looking down at her. Sure of it. So she goes, 'Let's go ask dad, we'll see ^^ " I'm like, Okay, yeah, let's see!" So we agree to bet 10 bucks right then. We go downstairs, and he has us stand back to back. When we got in place, back to back, my booty touched hers, and mine....was LOWER! Her legs are long! :/ :/ that's when I sorta whined and got worried. I think she heard me cause she goes :D :D " wanna give up?" but I played it off and said no, I know I'm taller. So we both ask him who's taller and he goes, "It looks like it's about dead even, but....I've got a winner! And....SHERYL is taller. Yep." She asked if he was sure, and he said yep! I was like UGGGH! That's wrong, no she's not! :cursing: :cursing: I then came up with an idea, and said why don't we both get measured on the wall, 1 at a time? And she agreed. She went first, and got marked on the wall at her spot. Then I went. I had my shoes off, but arched my feet, hoping they didn't notice. They didn't. So when I got measured, I won by a little bit, and he says..."Ohh, he IS taller than you!" And she's all Nooooo! But I was like, 'Ugh, just give my money X( X( " and she did, then I left quickly. Now I'm not sure though...should I tell her the truth and give it back and then pay her? Or keep it? What if she finds out for sure that she really is taller than me/ Casue she is, I can't beat her, ugh. :(