What do you high school girls think I should do??? This SUCKS!

    • What do you high school girls think I should do??? This SUCKS!

      What should I do? 2
        Go up to her, apologize for what I said before, admit to her I thought I could block it, but I can't, tell her she got me easily too (2) 100%
        Go up to her, be all "awwgh, good smack" but don't admit what I said or what I thought before (0) 0%
        Go up to her and laugh about it, say her smack got lucky (0) 0%
      I'll admit, I can be kinda arrogant sometimes ok? Well there's this 1 girl at school, and she's slapped a LOT of guys! Every guy she's tried-got slapped easily. Most times it's for real reasons...other times just fooling around. She's 17, blonde, REALLY cute! Like 5'7 I think. Well, it's just humiliating to me that NO guy has ever caught or blocked 1 of her smacks. A few have tried, but they can't. So I went around school saying how I'd easily block her smack, I wouldn't get slapped by her. I even told her bestie that, and she asked me if I knew any kind of karate. I was like nope, I don't know a single move...which is true.I don't know any of that. Well yesterday, she comes up to me, the blonde chick. Had on her nike shorts, looked right at me with this cute flirty face, and starts talking. I was all =O =O =O looking at her face, cause she's CUTE! Then she all pushes her left hip to the outside. Way out. then sets her left hand on her hip. My eyes looked right there at her left hand/left hip stuck out and I was ?( ?( ?( so then I looked back up at her face again and my jaw dropped...then whoooop!-she flipped out her RIGHT hand-a slap! I was all :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: ....I was frozen, didn't know which was her good hand, and I COULDN'T MOVE! Her right smack hit my cheek perfectly, and my face turned to the side, I was like "unnnnh!" X( X( X( She smiled right at me, and I just put my hand on my cheek and stomped off. It was HUMILIATING, UGH! I didn't think that would happen to me too, you know? Now I don't know what to do....go up to her and say something...apologize, or admit what I said? Or take karate to block that? :/ :/ What should I do?