Need some advice on this guy

    • Need some advice on this guy

      There’s an app that the college I’m going to next year gives to admitted students to go on and meet friends and prospective roommates.
      So, I added this guy that I found cute (added on snap). He initiated the “conversation” by sending a streak, and so I replied with a picture. We just went back and forth with pictures, barely any actual conversation for about a week.
      Then, yesterday, he left me on open...and he did it again today. I don’t know why I’m so down about that, I barely even know him.
      However, I thought he was also into me. I say this because one night I sent a picture (again, all on Snapchat haha) of myself and my brother was in it and he asked if the guy in my picture was my boyfriend, and then I sent a picture of this dumb filter and jokingly said “this really brings out my eyes” and he said “that’s true bc your eyes are pretty af” these things kind of led me to think he also thought I was cute.

      I neverrrr get down about these types of things (I get attached fast but I get over it quickly) but this is sort of different, I can’t explain it. I wanted to try to get to know him better but I can’t now if he’s just totally ghosting me. Maybe it’s not intentional, but I’m not really sure what to do.