Does he like me?

    • Does he like me?

      So I've met this guy who I immediately found attractive but didn't think much about afterwards. We've seen each other 3 times by now. No dates, just seminars. A few days after the third seminar, I got a message from him and he was being really nice and kept complimenting me. As he had seemed like a very kind, extroverted, nice, outgoing and socializing type of guy, I thought he was just being nice to me, like he was to everyone else. I texted him back, also being nice, and we kept texting for about a week. He followed me on my social media and liked many of my few pictures. During this week of texting, I was on a school trip for 4 days, so I had a lot to tell him and he was very interested and wanted to hear about it. We also sent each other many audios. Then, he suggested that we should have a phone call. So we had a phone talk, right after I came back from the trip at 9 pm for 90 minutes and it was amazing. He immediately texted me good morning the next day. FYI: We live pretty far away from each other and the next seminar where we will probably see each other is in two months..
      And then this happened: Two days after that phone talk, it was a Friday, and he was very busy, which is understandable.. but he suddenly started texting less and I immediately started feeling some kind of pain or missed him or whatever.. I suddenly developed feelings when I realized how much I loved texting with him. Maybe it was his strategy? To text me less, so that I long for him? Cuz then, he was successful.. He does answer me when he is online, he is just not online as often anymore.. I considered asking him if we should have another talk on the phone but I didn't because I thought: Maybe he lost interest and I don't wanna seem needy.. He also seems busy because he is rarely online. I wanna bite myself because it's been a week since he's been online less frequently and since I couldn't stop thinking about him, which is strange because we have only flirted (I think) on the phone and per text message but not in real life.. I really want to have a phone call to create that spark or whatever again.. But I seriously can't read this guy.. Does he have feelings for me? And what should I do now? Should I ask to have another talk on the phone? Or would that seem needy at this point? Am I being too passive?
    • As women, we have the capacity to fall in love very easily (or at least have strong feelings about someone very quickly). That's just how a lot of us are wired. It's OK.

      As he might be busy, I'd call him on the phone and explain that you want to say a quick "Hi", hoping he's not real busy, and that you enjoyed talking with him, texting with him, spending time with him at the seminars. It doesn't have to be a long conversation (so that way he can't think of you as being "desperate").
      If he answers his phone, you might get a better "reading" as to whether he's still interested in you and has just been busy, or whether he's "moved on" and doesn't feel the same as he used to. A lot of men can only be friendly and nice when they first know a woman.
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