Apps That Newbie Costume Designers Must Have?

    • Apps That Newbie Costume Designers Must Have?


      I hope you are doing well and trying to consume your time in constructive activities as I am doing nowadays. Actually, I am a little free these days and having nothing special to do; that’s why I decided to design a few dresses for myself. I want to tell you I am good at designing dresses, but this time, I am trying to reuse old dresses and trying to giving them a new and epic look. However, I want to know what apps could be helpful in this regard.

      I am also going to share a few apps that I already have in my smartphone:

      Fashion Design FlatSketch:
      This is one of my favorite apps and I love to use it even while not designing dresses. This is a simple app that allows designing women dresses with great ease. From patterns to small accessories details like belts, buttons and laces are available here. 8)

      Online Ruler:
      Ruler is a fundamental tool that you really need while designing and renewing dresses to take accurate measurements. I always forget my physical ruler; that’s why I always have an online ruler app on my phone. You can also choose your online and actual size measurements from this ruler

      Wardrobe Journal:
      It is one of my damn favorite outfit planning app. It is a small useful app that allows users to search for a specific costume or dress for a particular character. It is beneficial for costume record keeping purpose.

      DH Costume:
      Only a few days ago, my friend told me about this app, and it is just amazing but unfortunately, right now, it is only available for iOS users, but I will get it soon with any of my iOS devices.

      It was all that I have. Now, it’s your turn to share interesting costume designing apps with me. :rolleyes:

      I am waiting for your responses. :whistling: