An embarassing gift problem

    • An embarassing gift problem

      So the thing is this. Ever since I was 11 or so, I had a big passion for computers and such. At that time I lived in a relatively poor family, my mother had problems with money and my whole family was always in some sort of trench war. Never given any F's about sh*t going down and hitting the fan in the house, but still, worth mentioning. It has been like this for a long time, until a couple of weeks ago. My mother is divorcing for a second time and she found a rather rich dude which just gave her 20k euros for no real reason. And you know, my 16th bday is in a couple of weeks, she has the money, I have always asked for it, so I told her I'd really like a computer as a gift. And she came up with the dumbest excuses ever, such as 700€ of gift for a teen is too much and stuff like that. I've always been a grateful person in life, and I don't want to appear ungrateful for what I have and the fact that I'm complaining about not receiving a rather expensive gift that is in no way owed (but promised) to me. But know...I've been "dreaming" of this for like 5 years, I am going to a rather difficult college that requires lots of computer work and I have to go to internet cafes to get it done, she has the absolute opportunity in terms of money, and she has been promising for more than a year to me that as soon as she would be able economically, she would buy it. And as soon as she got the money, she changed drastically, started treating me not in a really bad and mean way, but in a weird one to say the least. Any Ideas on what to say or do to convince her?
    • First, happy early 16th birthday. ^^ Second, you could always promise your mom that you'll pay her back;
      when you get a good job
      which you will after you graduate from college
      which you will after you get a computer and pass all your classes!

      You might also mention that it might be financially advantageous for her to have a rich son. 20k euros can only last so long! :yee:
      Free from:
      ~~ Happy Day. ~~ :hugs: