Does this girl like me?

    • Does this girl like me?


      Im a 15 yearold guy. So I went out with this gorgeous girl yesterday. So essentally I've never met her in real life before. When we first saw each other she hugged me and we then went to a bar. We talked about everything. There were some akward moments where she was like looking around the bar for a minute since we didn't talk about anything. During that time, she told me she saw me in the train a few times before and that I follow a lot of her friends on IG. Then she like sent a message to her friend on IG from my personal IG saying that she's going to like try to match me up with her. Obiviously, I mean I thought it was a joke. But she did it for a while, like sent messages on my whatsapp saying that I like that girl and stuff. Later after the bar, we went into like a train station and I was trying to get closer to her. I'm like 190cm and she's like 150 xD. So I like kinda hugged her from behind a few times, she like took my glasses and tested my eye sight and stuff xD. But yeah and then after we hugged once my train came, and I've never hugged anyone that hard in my life xD. I'm just quite depressed since I mean she's so gorgeous and she has a lot of guys that say she's "hot" on instagram. I just think I don't have a chance, and I don't know. I'm just quite depressed since I think that we can never actually be together and she's just trying to like set me up with someone since she thinks I'm not good enough for her. If anyone actually reads all of this and responds, I don't know. Thank you very much. I just don't know what to do. I've never felt this way in my life. Thank you to anyone who reads this, seriously. Any advice is very much appreciated.
    • Hey. Sorry to hear that. I understand that it hurts you when your crush is trying to set you up wth someone else. I won´t say for sure, it is meant to be a joke. Maybe she doesn´t get that you are into her. Try to meet her again and then tell her you are interested in her, not one of her friends. And for the future: don´t let other people use your social media accounts.
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