What should I do?

    • What should I do?


      So basically, this is a very long story and I’ll try to put all my thoughts into as little text as possible so just bare with me. I’m 15. I have an insane crush for a girl that I’ve went out once with. I use snapchat/instagram to communicate with her. So, I feel like she doesn’t get my message. I try to give her subtle signs that I like her. For example, I screenshoted her story and told her she had a cute outfit or once she sends me a snap I’ll message her the heart eye emoji. And she does respond back and stuff, she never uses emojis and just says like "Kissssss" (translated from my language). But I have a few concerns. For one, she always takes ages to respond. For two, she seened me a few times, just did it right now as we’re speaking For three, she never really said that she likes me or anything. I also think that I’m probably boring to her since I try to like start a conversations with her and I type a lot to her. Also, on instagram, she put on her story for people to talk to her on ig and snapchat instead of like talking to me lol. I mean, I think I’m just lost. Should I just let her know how I’m feeling? I’m pretty nervous to do that since I already get teased by my classmates which like yell her name at me and tell me that she’s hot. So like, I don’t know. I really like her and would like to be in a relationship with her but I guess I’m just too afraid to ask if she feels the same way. Any response is very much appreaciated.
    • Hey. It´s hard to say if she likes you or not. But she responses so i don´t think she dislikes you. Try to ask her out again. Meet with her in person and talk to her. That is way better then texting via Instagram or others. And ignore your classmates. It´s about you and her, not them.
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