My brothers girlfriend is cheating with someone in my friend group I dont wanna get involved ??

    • My brothers girlfriend is cheating with someone in my friend group I dont wanna get involved ??

      His girlfriend is a girl that I hooked him up with from our friend group (5 girls 3 boys ) about 7 months ago.
      2 months ago she admitted that she started liking our mutual guy friend (15) and had sex with him twice in that same week. Our jaws dropped.
      She begged me not to tell my brother and I told her that Im not going to do it thats between you and my brother and him.
      So yeah they're still having sex for about two months now.
      Everyone in my friend group knows this now and we also know everytime when they hook up too.
      My brother does NOT associate with my group of friends even though we all live in the same neighborhood. He has call of duty and his one friend from school named Chip.
      Imma stay out because the messenger gets shot.
      Opinions ?
    • Your brother deserves the truth. If he loves her, it may hurt. Pretty sure it will. But it´s his decision if he want to keep her with another man in her life.
      Talk to her. Give her a deadline. Either she tells him or you do. Otherwise he is getting used by her. The other boy may just be used too.

      I don´t know your brother. Maybe he yells at you, but he will be angry about his girlfriend, not you.
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    • It might just be sex for her but relationship comes with natural expectations, one of those is abstaining from sex with others. If she wants it to be an “open” relationship where they are together but can have “just sex” with others that’s fine, but there has to be a mutual understanding.
      So it’s really pretty straight forward. If she wants to have an open relationship with your brother where they can have sex with others she simply has to tell him as much (and you should give her a deadline). If he agrees, than it becomes okay. If he disagrees than she has to decide which to take the relationship or the sex, she can’t keep doing both behind his back. Or her other option is to stop having sex with the other guy.
      She has to having sex, or tell your brother, it’s really as straight forward as that.
    • She doesn’t have to hurt him. She just has to not stop having sex with the other guy. I have cheated before, it seems harmless at the time because what someone knows won’t hurt them. But I was wrong. If you cheat you might get away with it. If you continue to do so you will eventually get caught. And that is far worse for a relationship than admitting a mistake and stopping.
      Telling him will hurt him a lot. Stopping sex and not telling him could hurt a lot too, or it could pass. Not telling him and continuing, will hurt him far more than otherwise. Because he will learn about it, he will learn she has done it multiple times for a long time, and that she is still doing it, that it’s not in the past. And that she hid it from him. Really it is just about the worst way she could possibly do it.

      Having sex isn’t so bad. At least depending on who you ask. It’s having sex with one person well in a relationship with another person (unless the couple clearly agreed on that before hand).
      Although sex can be just for fun. Just as cuddling and kissing and stuff, it is still intimate. And when you are in a relationship it is expected that you won’t share romantic/sexual intimacy with anyone else. That it is reserved for your partner alone.
    • Good for you. And if you find you can’t explain in a way she can understand show her this conversation and let her read herself.
      And if she still can’t understand tell her that it doesn’t matter you aren’t going to let this carry on. I know we said a deadline above, but that was if she was telling him. She doesn’t need a deadline to stop, she can do that right away.
      I’m sorry you have been put in this situation.