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    • Of course you're in tears, hon! You care about Caroline and there's nothing wrong with that!
      You're a good friend and your dad should be happy that you're a good person and that you've found someone that you like being with. :kissy: Who cares what gender the person is - I mean, there's like a gazillion different gender categories now anyway! :lol: Who cares? If you find someone who makes you happy, enjoy.
      Besides, God loves everyone. Your parents should know that. ;)
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      ~~ Happy Day. ~~ :hugs:
    • Falger wrote:

      your really 20? man up.
      Meaning what? ImeiCFarrow's not supposed to feel sad? There are some very strict dads out there who don't like it when their sons and daughters stand up to them.

      How would you like it if you cared about someone and you were prevented from seeing them? You'd have every right to feel sad, to be in tears.

      Maybe instead of ImeiCFarrow "manning up", the rest of us need to have more compassion.
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    • I know the prob of ImeiCFarrow posted above. Sorta. But as she or he describes it, it wasn't ever a real problem for me. More like one that my two-year-younger sister faces now and then.

      My mom once also thought that a certain girl I was dating did not suit me and our family. I strictly told her that she had to get used to the fact that my girlfriend now will often visiting us, and so on.

      Even mom was right in the end, it still was my first closer relationship with a girl. And in such matters I prefer to gain my own experience and learn from its failures that may come with it.

      As for being more compassion, I would not shed one tear because of what my parents want. I would just date the girl and move on. Especially when I'm a fully grown up. I'm strict with that.