Asexual or Aromantic Lesbians

    • Mirandagurl wrote:

      im more like Jane in the Netflix show
      i dont think what she is or i am is the same as what you asked
      but someone seemed to think it was
      does it simply reffer to someone who is choosing not to have sex in their life?

      Asexuals can choose not to have sex, or choose to have sex.
      Allosexuals(people who are not asexual) can choose to not have sex but it does not make them asexual.
      Asexuality is when you do not experience sexual attraction to either boys or girls or anyone else. But you can still have romantic attraction.
      I don’t experience sexual attraction and so I don’t know what it’s like and it’s hard to explain, but I’ve fallen in love before, but there is never someone I particularly want to have sex with. I want the other parts of a relationship, such as the cuddling, the bond, the cute romantic moments, etc. but the sex part isn’t really an interest of mine. I just want to be around someone. I don’t feel the sexual attraction. It’s different than being someone who has that attraction but chooses to abstain.