I still get spanked

    • I still get spanked

      Hello Guys, my name is David and im 16 years old and from the UK. This is very embarassing for me to write but i think i need help. I really love my parents and my family but there are a lot of problems. My Mom has always spanked me and my older sister (19). I never thought about that spanking is a wrong thing to do because it was always part of our childhood. But its really getting to much. I cant even sit down anymore without my butt stinging. I think this is going way to far and it is probably child abuse. But i dont want my parents to get in trouble with the law. My mom spanks for every "bad" thing i do. If i get bad grades she spanks. If i come home to late she spanks. If im lazy she spanks. Her exscuse for that is that she got spanked for the same things when she was younger. She stoped spanking my sister when she was 15 because she was "old enough". Why does she still spank me at 16 years old for normal teenage things? And why did my sister stoped getting spanked when she was 15? This is not fair. If she spanks she does not only use her hands. If she is really mad she uses the belt and her slippers. My biggest problem is that my mom embarassed me in front of my friends. When my friends were over we broke the TV by accident. She yelled at me for about 5 min and then took me in to the next room and spanked me. She yelled "pants down dave you know the rules". My 2 friends listened the whole time and just sat there waiting on me. Im lucky they didnt tell anyone. I recorded my spanking 3 days ago because i was thinking of talking to the police but im not sure yet. My mom told me to clean the house when she was at the store but i did not. I knew that she was going to put me over her knee for not listening. As she saw that nothing was cleaned up she came in to my room when i was listening to music. She already had the belt and her slipper in her hands. I cant upload the video on this thread but i uploaded it on Youtube. Do not watch if youre not comfortable with it. Here is the link:

      If you guys can help or if you have the same experiences send me an E-Mail: davidgruber010@gmail.com