Stepdad or stepmums

    • Stepdad or stepmums

      do any of you have step parents? I have a stepdad I get along with him but hes always doing stuff wrong like saying I'm getting fat (I think hes looking at my tits)coz that's the only weight I put on,or calling me a dyke coz I only have 1 female friend and we are always together, he says to young to were makeup but my mums ok with it,and my own dad dosnt mind.just had to vent a bit about him,
    • Be careful of stepdads, hun, because a lot of them molest their stepchildren, especially as the children become teenagers (or children, if the guy's a pedophile). I know it's scary to think about but stepdads have lots more opportunities than a stranger or a teacher, neighbor, etc. (they can "accidentally" walk in when you're getting dressed, taking a bath/shower, etc.)

      It makes me wonder how much does he care about your mom. A lot of guys don't want to get involved with/marry a woman if she has children (unless he really loves her or he's hoping to have an opportunity to abuse her children. He's already verbally abusive to you.) If he starts doing stuff that makes you uncomfortable, please let a school counselor know. Tell your Mom, too, but sometimes parents don't believe their children.
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