Exciting but Regretful

    • Exciting but Regretful

      I started babysitting for a couple when I was 14 and by the time I was 16 I had a major crush on the guy who is in his 30's. In March after I turned 17 I started giving him little hints hoping he would catch on but didn't really expect him to. One evening after babysitting as he was driving me home he told me I had turned into a beautiful young lady. I was flattered quickly replying that he wasn't bad looking himself to see his reaction. To my surprise he wanted to know if I would be interested in getting together sometime to which I said yes. A few days later he called asking me out that evening. He took me to dinner then afterward ask if I would like to spend a little more time together. Of course I told him yes. He drove straight to a Holiday Inn which surprised me and wanted to know if I was ok with it. I approved so he got a room. There was no doubt what we were there for. I had made out before but nothing else so it didn't take long for him to have me very excited. After we made out for a while he rolled over on top of me getting ready to do it. When I ask if he wasn't going to use a condom he didn't stop telling me he didn't have one. When he started making love to me I told him he needed to Know I wasn't on birth control leaving out that it was my first time. We made made love for some time and I had the experience of going ALL the way my very first time having sex. After that evening in mid-March we got together two more times in April once just before my period then once 4 or 5 days after. The second time we used a condom but it wasn't as good so the last time I ask him to do it again withont one thinking it was ok because I had just had a period. Now I regret that I made that mistake and having the affair because I got pregnant.
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      I understand why you regret to have slept with him without using a condom or birth control. If you are sure you got pregnant (let that test by a doctor to be 100% sure), you should talk to your parents.
      Try to think about being a young mother. Are you in the position to care for the child? If not, maybe consider abortion or to release the child for adoption. If you think you want to keep it, talk to the man you had sex with. He has to care for the child too. With money and actual being a father for it.
      Don't rush anything. Take some days to think about everything and talk to your parents so they can support you.
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