Why is he acting like this?

    • Why is he acting like this?

      He and I are close friends, but he’s in relationship. He and I had hung out together. We both sat down across from each other and he started tugging on the collar of his shirt for a few seconds. Then, he started touching his face with his hand by rubbing his mouth area and the sides of his face throughout the start of our conversation.

      Soon after, he started copying my actions. I was touching my lips with the palm of my hand while resting my elbow on the table and soon after he had done the same while I was doing it. Or if I cracked my knuckles, he’d crack his knuckles. He also started holding and squeezing a ball in his hand for a few minutes while staring at me, which had been on the table next to him.

      He and I had a really good talk with each other. Usually before either one of leaves we would hug. But before I left, he stuck out his hand for a handshake and I shook it. He’s never done that to me before and it’s not like I was leaving him forever, just for a month. We plan on seeing each other more after I get back. Why did he do that?
    • Hey Laura!

      It sounds a little strange that he copied your movements. Maybe he did that subconscious.
      So you are leaving for a month and this was the good bye if i understand correctly. I guess he could be sad that you leave. Maybe that is a long time for him. He may be both sad and angry about that. Not angry about you, just the situation in general. He could have shacked your hand to make it easier for him.

      But all of that is speculation. You can only know for sure, if you ask him.
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