Elder sister seduce me.

    • Elder sister seduce me.

      Am i only one who see elder sister masterbating and naked?after she been caught, she started to seduce me and hold my head to her pubic side near pussy and clitoris..also hold my mouth to her clitoris.and then taking my teen penis to her hand and rubbing it..she also sucked my small pubic hair and balls..though i was happy but i said her that it is sin..hearing it, she anger and said that she would cut off my penis if i tell it.is there anyone like me?
    • Hi.
      This sounds strange. It is nor common for siblings to do that. If you both are comfortable with masturbating together or give pleasure to each other, i have nothing against it. But to threaten you with cutting off your penis is not right in any case. If she wants to do sexual stuff with you, she should not threaten you to keep it secret. Either she is honest or she should not do it in the first place. Don't let her terrorize you. Tell your parents.
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    • she threatened for first time.bz she didn't know that i was also enjoying..Now we masterbate together..happily..so no need to tell..she always play with my little teen penis when parents is not home.she likes my dick bcz her vagina is very tight and she don't like huge penis..even play with my dick by her sexy sweet finger .. It is great feelings to me.ahh umm..one Night we got caught by our aunty..as both of us is very beautiful and sexy, so that made our aunt turned on.and from then she also join with us in a threesome.they also bought some dildo.the aunt is divorced.now all of us is sexually happy.an my penis get blowjobs approximately 1 hr in each day,and i suck 2 vagina,pussy,clit each day..ahhh .. So i will not complain to anyone.