Bloody hell.

    • pauline wrote:

      I haven't been here for too long but I've noticed there are a lot more sexual-type posts now. I'm concerned that some may be older people trying to lure teens. (I've learned that a lot of that type of behavior goes on in teen forums.)

      It would be nice if there were more moderators. I've been trying, for the longest time, to get into the girl's section but we need permission. Hopefully it's cleaner there.

      :welcome: back. :)
      There really are far too many of those posts. And most of them are complete rubbish. There's a 16+ section for a reason. The normal bits aren't being moderated properly. And that does need to be watched for. It's too common nowadays :/

      Nobody can get anything done because there aren't enough staff but I imagine anything off the main forum is cleaner.

      Thank You! :)
      :freehugs: I may be a little crazy but there is method in my madness :bump: