I Masturbate a lot!!

    • I Masturbate a lot!!

      hello. May I ask for your opinion about a girl having a masturbation. Is it weird??? I feel so bad every time im doing it. But i cant help myself doing it specially when im fertile.im so horny.

      I started doing it when I was 6 old. I remember watching porn at young age because i accdientally saw a bunch of CDs in my dads room. I got curious and arouse. I started touching myself, and one day my boy cousin (around my age) visited us and caught me doing it. Im so embarrassed that time. But he didnt laugh at me instead ask me to play with him. We play mother and father game. We play as a married couple. In my room. I got surprise when he sart caressing my body. I did not stop him, i let him take my panty.. I dont knownwhat gotten to us but i think we are horny that time. He start caressing my pussy, and the most shocking he ever done is licking my pussy. Since i only 6 i dont know what part of my vagina he was touching but i think it is my clit. I dont remember if i got orgasm but we made it several times. HE DIDNT INSERT HIS THING, I THINK WE BOTH NOT READY FOR THAT. She will just lick me down there until we are satisfied. But when we start elementary, he stop visiting our house. But i got addicted to the feelings and start masturbating.

      We didnt do it again and every time we met we dont talk to each other specially when we reach high school. I think we learned that what we did is immoral and we dont have enough courage to talk about it. But because of that i discover different tricks to satisfy myself. Like grinding my pussy at the edge of the table, humping my teddy or pillows or touch my clit. I never have a relationship until now but i craving for sex so much.

      Im already 22, and im a fcking single since birth. Im afraid to enter a relationship. Evern though im horny, i want to stay virgin until wedding night. Thats why im sticking to my hobby to satisfied my self. It just that i feel so bad. I masturbate everday at night before going to sleep.. Minimum of 2 times.. i installed dating app and start chatting to horny men around the world.. We exchange nudes ( without face lol)... Sometimes i will film my self and watch it again and again.

      I dont do finger fucking, well i tried but it hurt so I stick in rubbing my clit until i cum. I dont think I can enter a relationship anytime soon. I want to stop myself from masturbating but i cant. It is one of my way to release stress and feel good. Any advice??? Is it really bad and immoral? My conscience is eating me. Is it bad to my health or do i have a problem in my mental health? Thank you...

      • Any girls who likes to touch themselves too??? Share your exprerience...
    • Hello DontJudgeMe. Welcome to the Forum.

      Masturbating is completely normal and not a sin. Some people might think that, but it is just a part of your own sex life. With masturbating you don't hurt yourself or others, so there is no negative point in doing it.
      What you and your cousin did, was out of curiosity i think. You 2 should be old enough to talk about it now. It seems to be stuck in your head.

      There are at least 3 threads in this forum about girls masturbation. Many girls do it.
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