Who remembers reputation?

    • Falger wrote:

      I don't. What was the advantage of this point system? To me it sounds kinda like the usual popularity circus at high schools.
      It's still on vBulletin forums. It wasn't really a popularity system as much as being able to easily tell if someone was a troll or generally viewed as positive. Essentially, if you posted good content, your rep was green. If you were a troll, it was red.
      i am the sooooon
      and the heeeeiir
    • This means that if, lets say, you have a very special humor that eighty percent of the users don't or even don't want to try to understand, your reputation is redder than a baboon's butt, even though maybe two percent think your humor is super-good, so hardly any of the remaining ten percent wanna chat with you because everyone of those thinks you are a troll.