Americas way of naming places

    • Americas way of naming places

      So it kind of became a habit of America to take city and country names and just add the word "New"
      so do you wonder how it became the thing to do? like if it was intended to be a better alternative or they just couldn't think of a name of their own :/
      I wonder if I can find a list of every place this has been done for X/
      Sometimes people have said they preffered the "New" ones to the originals :)
    • In Germany a similar thing was done. Here are for example a lot of "Neustadt"s. Neu meaning new and Stadt meaning city, so its a newcity. Not very creative :D And i think that is the reason people use the names of their origin cities to name their new founded city that way. Either it's a lack of creativity or an admiration of their origin. That's what i think.
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    • I guess, eg some "new" village names or names of "new" regions refer to Old World regions, which is obviously is the case of, e.g., New England.

      Not necessarily in any but in some cases. Goes certainly not for New York.

      However, there are also cases where people moved for settling elsewhere, maybe east to westcoast or just somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where they named their new home after of the old region and just putting "new" in front of it.