My straight friend? Help!

    • My straight friend? Help!

      I have this friend lets call him A. A seems homophobic and voices his negative opinions of gay people right in front of me (I'm gay) A has a lot of anger issues and gets mad easily... A is a hardcore drug addict as well. A knows I'm gay but still treats me fairly well compared to others he thinks I'm cool and likes talking to me. Someone else told me A was Bi and A flirted with him but I have not seen any proof of this. A has told me he's straight but is okay with me liking him (funny how he talked about wanting to kill another gay guy for liking him) A makes jokes about me liking him teasing me for being jelous of him talking to others, saying that I want him to f me and calling bs whenever I call him ugly knowing damn well I'm very attracted to him. A has admitted he thought he was gay before one time and got into it watching gay porn and kissing a boy before. A talks about me to other people I've heared mixed reviews but A denies saying anything bad at me. A is 17 almost 18 and I am a freshly turned 17 year old. A knows I'm borderline obsessed with him and I would be very upset if he didn't talk to me. A shows other signs hes interested in me body language wise he looks at me often and looks away when I make eye contact, his eyebrow raises slightly when we talk and he's really absorbed in what I have to say and really takes what I say to heart. I don't know what to do and this has really been hard for me I knew A for about 2 or 3 months. A says he has an issue with feminine guys but is cool with me I guess? Ughf!

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      I get that this situation is problematic for you. You seem to know what you feel but A seems to be insecure about his self.
      It sounds like you 2 are friends. Maybe his bullying is to hide that he likes you too. I agree his body language would tell me that he is into you too.
      Maybe it's a good idea to talk about it all in private and assure him that he has nothing to fear when he tells you about his inner self.
      Maybe his background is homophobic and therefore he is scared to be honest about his sexuality.
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