Hi everyone

    • Hi everyone

      Hello everyone,
      I'm new here so I'm gonna introduce myself for a bit.
      So, I am a 14 years old gay guy who came onto this forum just to talk to people, as people seem to drift off from me in the real, harsh world. Sorry for being so angsty. Just a bit more about myself and I'll be done. I like to be called Mason (even though it's not my real name, for safety reasons I'll use that one, that I much prefer to my actual one). I came here to find social interaction, because, as I said, people don't like me, since I'm, like, always one of the best students of the class, so the other guys make fun of me and talk behind my back and I'm still really, really closeted so I can't really be my real self. Last thing, I'm actually French, but am bilingual and English is a language which is liberating for me, as it is kinda my own, secret world where I can do, speak, read whatever I want without other people knowing (since us French couldn't speak English if our lives depended on it). Anyways, I'm done.

      See ya all,
      Human life is but a lengthy tragedy of which we all know the end.