Prepearing for the winter

    • Prepearing for the winter

      Here in The north part of Sweden comes the winter soon again , mostly half past September starts freezing and snowing again.
      So in August we start prepearing us for the winter.
      To day i have waxed my snowboard and ski’s
      My dad is controling and servicing my snowmobile.
      And yesturday i whas with my mom a vieuw villages from here to buy nice caribou skins where my mom is gonna made a nice new and warm annorak out of it for me.
      Are here more who are prepearing for the comming winter now and waht does you do ?
    • Benni90er wrote:

      Here in Germany, i don't have to prepare much for winter. Changing tires, make sure the house heater system works and take the warm clothes out of the closet. And put a snow shovel ready to use. That's all.

      Akello wrote:

      I live in Germany too and i haven't done pretty much, when i was living in Italy we usually start see if the coats and duvet are clean. Like that's it
      Hi german people that’s strange that you don’t prepear for the comming winter.
      Germany is about 2500 km to the south from here is the weather so different and warmer there?
      In the winter we have here 3 months no daylight, some 1000 to 1500 cm snow and freezing tempratures off 35 to 40 below 0 c.
      Winter time starts here in the second half of september and ends in the first half of may.
      We must always prepairing for the winter in august.
    • Winter in Germany is pretty mild. Especially with global warming. Winter start in October or November i think, outside of the Alpen and Elbsandsteingebirge (Elb-sandstone-mountains) snow comes around January or even Februar. On extrem times we get a meter of new snow a day. Temperatures range from 0° to 20°C below 0°C. So yeah, if the heater works and the house isn't terrible isolated winter is not that hard here.
      Oh, one important thing: We still have enough grown people driving on the street, that seem to forget what snow is every year -_- They just drive the same speed as in summer and some even don't change their tires - just dumb. So yeah, you have to adjust driving according to weather. But that counts for every weather in every season: sunny, cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, and so on.
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