My parents keep barging into my room

    • My parents keep barging into my room

      I'm a 17 year old guy, with really annoying parents who enter my room like 10000 times a day, whenever they wish to, most of the time we also end up in a fight, I've tried to make them understand that I need my personal space but they clearly don't respect my perspective and think parents can do anything. also my asshole dad locks the lock with the gate open so I can't close the door as the lock part comes out and the door can't be closed anymore and he takes the keys, also he takes my phone everytime we end in a fight, he's like in his 60's and thinks of taking my phone for no reason at all every time he comes in, he thinks that it's a solution. Things like these are fucking up my life and I've got some serious anxiety and depression issues due to this, I take out my anger on a punching bag but I can't take it anymore it's too annoying . I think of running away but I don't think I can work in India at this age and I also want to complete my education to have a good life. any ideas on what to do?
    • Hey! That situation sounds terrible. I'm sorry for you.
      Do you have other siblings you can talk too? Like grandparents for example or and uncle/aunt?
      Other than that i would suggest to get help from authorities. Teachers or an official office for the problems of kids and teenagers.
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